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I and my husband are very big fans of italian food! We just love all the fresh flavors, and the comfort that comes with each dish. We have been to many gourmet, high end restaurants in NYC, including Mario Batali’s Del Posto – which by the way was amazing, but we still keep returning to our beloved Maggiano’s Little Italy in Hackensack!

They have great service, and the restaurant is very nicely decorated, it always feels like Christmas in there and in a good way! Everytime we go, let it be just lunch or a celebration, the holiday spirit is there and we end up very happy afterwards!

For my husband’s 27th birthday we decided to go again to Maggiano’s and let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions ever!

We had a great time and shared some delicious food! Our feast started with some Calamari Fritte with marinara sauce, which were great! Crispy but not oily, with some lemon and marinara they were pure perfection! For our appetizer, we also shared the Pepperoni & Arugula Flatbread, with roasted garlic and truffle alfredo sauce! The flatbread is very delicious, crispy, with a peppery taste from the arugula that balances very nice the pepperoni, the alfredo sauce is like a blanket of goodness, that you just can’t get enough!

Pepperoni & Arugula Flatbread:

My drink of choice was a Raspberry Lemonade, which was too sugary for my taste, but diluted with some water was very good!

For my entree, I went with the Balsamic Glazed Salmon with Orzo. It was a great dish, the salmon is baked on a cedar paper, the glaze is very good and everything is served with a warm orzo salad, with spinach and sun dried tomatoes mixed in – I can’t wait to recreate it at home!

My husband went with the Lobster crusted Tilapia with orzo, and this dish by far was the highlight of our evening! I had a few bites, and it was pure heaven! When they say lobster crusted, believe it, it is indeed lobster crusted, you will find big pieces of lobster on top of two filets of tilapia all in a creamy sauce! If you have to pick one dish, please go with this one!

Obviously we couldn’t finish all of the food, so we asked for the leftovers for to go, and as you can probably guess we still had space for some dessert. Since their desserts are amazing, we decided to go with the Tasting plate, which had Apple Crostata, Tiramisu, Chocolate Cake and Creme Brulee, it was supposed to come with a piece of cheesecake too, but since they were out of it, we got an extra tiramisu!

Everything tasted super fresh, and very delicious!

Creme Brulee:

So here I am, telling you, that if you like italian comfort food, fresh, with great flavors, lots of options, great service and unforgettable desserts go to Maggiano’s! The prices are affordable, and the portions are great, so you can count on leftovers for the next day! There is a vide selection of seafood, chicken, pasta and vegetarian dishes! The wine and cocktail list is very nice, and one regular dessert easily feeds two people! Great atmosphere, and very nice staff!

Website: http://www.maggianos.com/en/Pages/home.aspx

Menu: http://www.maggianos.com/en/Pages/Menu.aspx

Disclaimer: The restaurant staff was not aware that I will write a review afterwards, all the opinions are my own, and we paid for our dinner!