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Note: I wasn’t rewarded in any form for writing this review. I haven’t received any coupons or discounts, the food was purchased with my own money and the staff was not aware that I will be blogging about my experience.

Me and my husband, are very big fans of smoked ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. Since our road trip to North Carolina and Tennessee, I became obsessed with barbeque meat! Living in NJ doesn’t help, since it is so hard to find a really good barbecue restaurant! We have tried several places in NYC, some of them very overpriced and we were never happy with our experience! One place, that was even featured on Food Network, had the most disgusting ribs I have ever had, if seemed more like were we eating rubber, not meat!

And a few weeks ago magic happened, we decided to go for lunch at Cubby’s Barbeque in Hackensack, NJ to satisfy my crazy craving for a pulled pork sandwich! I said a prayer, and hoped for the best, well, and it didn’t disappoint!

We both loved the place, the decor is very nice and funky and you don’t wait a lot for your food to be ready! We ordered a pulled pork sandwich on garlic bread, ribs and some mac & cheese!

The pulled pork was very nice, sweet, juicy and with a spicy kick:

Same thing about the ribs, they were sweet and tender, you didn’t have to bite hard to get the meat from the bone, which is always a good thing! The meat fells off the bone! A nice smoke and spiciness too!

The Mac & Cheese was delicious too, a lot of hot, bubbling cheese :)

The portions are big, and the prices are reasonable for the entries! The only thing I didn’t like, is probably the a little overpriced side items!

Overall, we had a great experience, and if you are looking for a great barbeque place in NJ don’t hesitate to visit Cubby’s Barbeque!

Question: What is your favorite barbeque restaurant? Let me know, since we are always looking for great restaurants in different cities!

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